Ariston Psychometrics

The ARISTON software is an integrated expert system based on extensive research work on advanced psychometric models and statistics. It aims to analyse the PERSONALITY of a person (i.e. inherent attributes, fixed, stable and time-independent features of the personality, as these have been shaped up through time, making the person different from the rest), as well as the APTITUDES & ABILITIES of a person (i.e. acquired attributes, cognitive aspects, abilities and preferences). The knowledge base is classified by age, sex, geographic areas, academic departments, occupations & specialisations, and personality traits. All the reports are produced automatically, without human intervention, and are sent to you or your counsellor at the e-Mail address you give. The results will help you to: a) Identify and measure specific personality factors. b) Identify specific professions and specialisations that suit you. c) Identify your talents, inclinations, aptitudes, abilities. d) Measure your potential to exemplify certain attributes in future. e) Predict your behaviour under various conditions. f) Identify traits of your personality that can be improved.