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•• Introduction to CAPS ••

The CAPS series of tests analyse your personality, your inclinations, aptitudes, interests and preferences for certain activities. All you have to do is answer each question presented on the screen. It is important to be consistent and honest with your responses, because the tests incorporate a special algorithm that acts as a lie detector. It is thus possible to ascertain whether you have answered truthfully or not.

The report you receive helps you make important decisions regarding the improvement of your personality, your career, and your studies. It stands to reason that your professional success depends on your performance, as well as on your effort.

The analysis of your answers is carried out by a specially designed expert system, which utilises advanced rules and statistical models, intelligent algorithms for data decomposition and hierarchical clustering techniques, in order to map and measure your personality under several factors. The expert system is also based on research work carried by Professor E. J. Yannakoudakis.

•• The report produced ••

Your personalised report is generated completely automatically, without any user intervention. It contains the dispersion of your personality under all factors of the battery of tests you have selected. The report is sent to you as an attached file via your e-mail, and has the following structure:

1. Introduction and personal data.

2. Truth score, where appropriate, and comments on the duration of the questionnaire.

3. Dispersion of your personality into the general areas examined and corresponding histogram.

4. Description of the general personality factors.

5. Personalised analysis of the results and detailed factors.

6. Dispersion of personality into dominant personalized categories and corresponding histogram.

7. Typical statistical analyses.

8. Specialised statistical analyses.

We wish you success and personal happiness.


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