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•• Terms and Conditions for the use of this software ••

Use of the present computer software/program constitutes consent to the following conditions of use, which apply to the psychometric testing as a whole. Consequently, it is imperative that the user reads carefully the conditions of participation beforehand. In case of disagreement with these terms, the user must not proceed to the use of this program. The use of this program entails unconditional acceptance of all its conditions.

WARNING: All incomplete questionnaires will be automatically deleted after 365 days from the day of purchase / activation.

The whole content of the present software/program - which includes all its graphics, pictures, photos, drawings, texts, services provided and files - is copyright material and as such is protected by the relevant laws (Greek and European Community laws and international agreements). The copyright of third parties, as and where this is explicitly defined, forms an exception to the above restriction. Any activity concerning copy, alteration, reproduction, sale, republication, transmission, distribution, "loading", exploitation of the above-mentioned content - either as a whole or in part, by any means - is strictly prohibited.

The designers of the above program do not in any circumstance accept responsibility for any economic, intellectual, moral or other loss incurred by the user, arising from his/her participation in it, since this program is a tool for counselling and only of consultative nature. The results of the tests included in the program are not in any case binding for the user. The latter, after having read the present text carefully, may use these results only on his/her own initiative and responsibility. The designers of the program do not in any case guarantee the overall correctness and/or completeness of the user’s choices and therefore the results produced by the programs, do not bear responsibility for any decisions made by the user on the basis of these results.

It is explicitly defined that any processing of personal data complies with the legal frame which is specified by the Acts 2068/1992, 2472/1997 (supplemented by the decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000 and with article 8 of Act 2819/2000) and 2774/1999 in accordance with the Community's directives 95/46/EK and 97/66/EK. Any data or information concerning personal details about a particular natural person is collected by legal means, bears legal computerised processing and is registered for specific, explicit and legal purposes in a way that is explicitly compatible with these aims. All the above information concerning personal data which will be requested from the user will be available, suitable and in no case immoderate in relation to the purposes for which this information has been recorded.

It is explicitly defined that the processing of information concerning personal data in the framework of achieving the company's objectives, as these arise from its deed of association as well as from the nature of the tests supplied, is permitted, as long as the user's participation in the tests amounts to his/her explicit consent to processing his personal data.

The processing of the above data is confidential and is performed only by specially trained technicians who work under the supervision of the person in charge of the department of data processing. This person takes all the necessary measures for the security of the data and for the prevention of any possible loss, damage, distortion or prohibited distribution. The user is thus informed about the purpose of the collection and processing of his/her personal data.