Ariston Athletes

Often the performance of Athletes falls short of the expectations of the Training Staff, the fans and of course their own people, in relation to their abilities and education or training they have had. Most often this difference is due to psychological factors. We are now in a position to improve their performance through psychological support in order to change the way they face the crowd, training, the racing environment, failure, success, difficulties and a host of other factors that affect their psychology.

The battery of tests ARISTON ATHLETES is a psychometric personality analysis tool which gives us valuable information about areas that influence the activity and athletic performance. So the trainer, the player, the coach, the athlete generally and the sports psychologist can direct their efforts more effectively armed with knowledge of points on which to focus and examine further. The ARISTON ATHLETES constitutes a battery (combination of tests) specially selected for all Olympic sports, addressing skills and personality traits required in the particular sport.

Our aim in this work is to contribute to the efficient catalytic function of the individual and therefore the upgrading of the sport through our expertise in the construction of adequate psychometric tools and through targeted analysis and effective utilization of their results at the personal level.

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