The Company

Registered under EOPPEP: 2100357

Ariston Psychometrics is a software house providing turnkey solutions, training, support and consultancy for information technology projects and related services. It was established in 1991. The ARISTON psychometric series is supported by over 700 Trained Representatives all over the world, offering services to small and large organisations, including COCA-COLA, VOLVO, European Investment Bank, Athens University, Cyprus University, Athens College, Hellenic Electricity Board, Hellenic Petroleum, Cyprus Ministry Of Education, etc. Ariston Psychometrics has close links and collaborate with major private and public sector organisations and educational institutes and has taken part in research & development projects funded by the European Union (e.g. programme STRIDE, PETRA I & II)

Some of the areas of research and development are presented below:
  1. Design and implementation of psychometric tests. The company has designed special software for personnel assessment & selection, occupational guidance, personality assessment, behaviour assessment, etc. The tests have been normalised for several countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, The Arab world, Canada, USA, Russia, etc.
  2. Design and implementation of database structures for documentation and library information systems. The company has designed and maintains its own library automation system LIBRETTO with several installations all over Greece.
  3. Design and implementation of information systems for the garment making industry, particularly in the area of Predetermined Motion Time Systems (PMTS). A success story has been the GMD (Garment Making Data) system, which is a computerised version of the manual equivalent designed by the Home Office, U.K.

Ariston Psychometrics is well equipped with UNIX workstations, PC and LAPTOP, state of the art LAN, running several development software including relational database management systems. Most of the software development takes place using 4th generation languages.